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Working toward an inclusive campus culture

An update from the President’s Commission on Equity and Belonging.

In recent weeks, our campus has endured unspeakable trauma. While we continue to heal, our resolve as the co-leaders of the President’s Commission on Equity and Belonging (PCEB) has only strengthened to ensure that our campus has an inclusive culture. 

Since we announced the Day of Collective Action on March 22, the PCEB and the appointed subcommittee have made significant progress toward finalizing the details of the day. This includes:

  • Developing a suggested schedule of events, including listening and learning sessions with University of Utah leadership and design thinking workshops to address several systemic issues at the U.

As the sessions, programs, and details become finalized we will share that information via these biweekly updates. 

Additionally, last week, the Office of the Dean of Students met with the ASUU Senate and continues to engage with campus groups for community input regarding the Student Code of Conduct revisions. These productive sessions continue to help Student Affairs finalize their plans for impactful revisions, and enable participants to have their voices heard. We expect to present a final proposal to the Academic Senate Executive Committee in early March, and then to the full Academic Senate shortly thereafter. 

Finally, the Racist & Bias Incident Report Team (RBIRT) has completed training for SafeU ambassadors to give presentations across our community so that students, staff, and faculty feel better equipped to use this resource, as needed. 

As a commission, we remain committed to making the U a more inclusive and welcoming community.