FABRIC, the future of the internet, runs through two U testbeds

The internet is always evolving, and the University of Utah is playing a part.

2019 Network Fast Facts showcase last year’s big wins

2019 is in the books, and it was another impactful year for UIT’s Network Services team.

A campus-wide Qualtrics agreement has been signed

New users will be informed when they may access their accounts.

Own your privacy this Data Privacy Day

You may not have the privacy you think you do.

Events management system survey for main campus organizations

The University of Utah requests that main campus organizations complete a brief survey to assess needs for an event management system. Main campus input will help to determine the feasibility of pursuing an institutional license for an event management system. Take the survey. Event management systems help organizations to plan, manage, and follow up on […]

Quick tips guide for redesigned CIS portal

Have you seen the new CIS?

File sharing and copyright violation notice

What you don’t know about copyright law can hurt you.

Cybersecurity isn’t a one-and-done

Think about all the devices you own that connect to the internet, either automatically or when prompted. You can see how we’re connected now more than ever—and thus more vulnerable to cyberthreats.

Information security policies protect your privacy

Understanding the unique vulnerabilities at an institution such as the U, and the guidelines that directly impact you, can help support a culture of cybersecurity.

Are you prepared for a cyberattack?

Don’t fall for phishing campaigns and other cyberattacks. Make sure you understand current tactics that cybercriminals use to steal your data and infect your devices.