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More than 450 online courses are available to students, including 115 that fulfill general education requirements. Register for a few this summer to stay on track to graduate.

By David Fisher, communications intern, University of Utah Marketing and Communications

This past year, 52 percent of University of Utah undergraduate students signed up for at least one course online. Over the past 10 years, online section enrollments have risen from 8,484 to 35,353, and the majority of these students were on campus every week and used online offerings to adapt classes to their personal schedule needs and preferences.

“Students turn to online classes to help them with their Plan to Finish,” said Cory Stokes, associate dean of Undergraduate Studies and UOnline director. “We all hit problems and barriers in life. Online classes give students the flexibility to take courses on their own time that fit with their busy schedules.”

Today there are more than 450 online courses available to students, and more than 115 of those classes meet general education requirements. The social work, nursing, psychology and economics undergraduate majors are now available completely online, with programs in sustainable tourism/hospitality management and family and consumer sciences coming soon. Graduate programs in electrical engineering, gerontology and the Master of Business Administration are also available online. More information can be found at

“Summer is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of UOnline,” Stokes said. “Think about taking a course online during the summer to help meet the goal to earn 30 credits per year. It can save students thousands of dollars when they take 30 credits each year and graduate in four years instead of five or six.”

Taking courses online doesn’t mean students don’t have access to the support services found on campus.

Through a program called Cranium Café, students can meet with their instructors or an academic advisor through a Skype-like Internet platform. Students can also be mentored by a Student Success Advocate to help them get the most of their undergraduate career. The university even provides access to online help with writing, math and other general education topics via the eTutoring service managed by the Writing Center. This means students can access a tutor at times that are convenient to them without coming to campus.

More than 350 online class sections, including History 1700, Writing 1210 and Math 1050, are available this summer. Look for classes designated ONLN in the schedule, as open enrollment for summer semester begins Monday, April 11.