What’s blooming in the garden right now?

Despite the heat, things are blooming and fruiting all throughout Red Butte Garden. Come visit today.

Can you believe it!? July is nearly over. It may be hot out, but our plants don't seem to notice. Things are still blooming and fruiting all throughout Red Butte Garden.

Find information to plan your visit here. Reposted from the Red Butte Garden blog.

Laura Garden Phlox

A bright pink flower close up. The flowers have petals that are darker on the outside and fade to white at the center. They come out in a ball-shape made up of individual, four-pointed flowers.
Laura Garden Phlox (Phlox paniculata 'Laura')

This purple beauty can be found just outside the Children's Garden.

Golden Currant

Golden Currant (Ribes aureum).

This Utah native gets its name from its golden yellow flowers, but produces fruit ranging from black, to pink, to red, and orange.

Ox Eye

a closeup of two yellow flowers that are daisy in shape. In then background are a field of the yellow flowers out of focus.
Ox Eye (Heliopsis 'Summer Sun')

These sunflower relatives can be found covered in pollinators along the Butterfly Walk in the Children's Garden.

Spider Milkweed

A herbaceous shrub with cone-shaped light green things on the top of the stems, with little tubes at the closer of the cone.
Spider Milkweed (Asclepias asperula)

Also known as Antelope Horns, this native milkweed can be found all along the Wasatch Foothills and in the Water Conservation Garden.


White Chiffon® Rose of Sharon

A white flower with papery, floppy petals on a stem, with dark green leaves.
White Chiffon® Rose of Sharon (Hibiscus 'Notwoodtwo')

It's that time! The Rose of Sharons are blooming all over the garden. Find this one in the Rose Garden.

Blue Satin Rose of Sharon

A four petaled flower with magenta at the center, surrounding a large white tube protruding out from the venter with little pollen sacks coming out of the large tube.
Blue Satin Rose of Sharon (Hibiscus 'Blue Satin)

Keep an eye out for this purple flowering variety as it welcomes you into the Water Conservation Garden.

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