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Underserved students get a taste for physics during Project Youth 2017.

On April 26, over 900 schoolchildren poured into classrooms, laboratories and lecture halls at the University of Utah to get a taste of college life. The Bennion Center’s 26th annual Project Youth invited underserved students from Title I schools to help the children see people of all backgrounds thriving at the U in the hopes that they will envision themselves on a college campus one day.

Faculty and staff members developed 25 hands-on activities that introduced the students to a wide range of activities, from dance and bookmaking to robotics and chemistry. Look through the Bennion Center’s photo album here.

Adam Beehler, lecture demonstration specialist for the Department of Physics and Astronomy, aimed to show a room full of sixth graders that physics is life — it’s how we hear music, do skateboard tricks and connect to WiFi.

Below are a few of the demonstrations that had the kids shrieking, clapping and cheering for physics.