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Great fitting jeans for everyone

One student's quest for the perfect jeans led to a business opportunity.

Before starting the Master of Business Creation program at the University of Utah’s David Eccles School of Business, Julia Perry already had plenty of experience in the fashion world. She earned a BFA from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City and had worked with big-name companies like Ralph Lauren.

But even as she found success in her career, Perry recognized major gaps in the fashion industry. “I noticed there weren’t a lot of clothing options for plus-sized women, which I’m passionate about because I am one,” she said.

This need inspired Perry to create Wyetta. She describes Wyetta as a “plus-sized women’s jean company that sells jeans not only by waist size but by body shape.” Perry’s unique designs provide comfortable and fashionable jeans for body types that are rarely served in the marketplace.

For Perry, this project is both a personal passion and a savvy business opportunity. Perry said that 67 percent of U.S. women were plus-sized in 2018, and for many of these women, finding clothes that fit is a daily challenge. “I talked to women who hadn’t worn jeans for 10 years,” she said. Perry wants to fill that need in the market with Wyetta.

Perry came into the MBC program with three degrees, but she quickly realized that this program was different. “The amount of resources and tools for students to be successful entrepreneurs just blew me away,” she said. Her goal is to sharpen the skills necessary to start a business from scratch.

Because she received a full scholarship to attend this program, Perry can put more resources toward growing her company. Though the MBC degree is brand new, Perry said there is already a strong, diverse community. “We have everything form a non-profit ballet school to high-tech data analytics,” she said. Perry knows that she “hasn’t gotten to where I am in my career by myself,” and she finds strength from colleagues and faculty. “As a cohort we’ve been able to pull together and help each other,” she said. “It’s a supportive group of students, along with mentors from faculty and the community that really want you to succeed.”

This will be the first cohort to graduate from the MBC, and Perry says that the students are motivated to create a positive culture and design their own educational experience. “We get the opportunity to define what this program is, how we help each other, and how we help founders in the future,” she said. “I’m proud to be one of the first founders of the Master of Business Creation at the University of Utah.”

Now, Perry is continuing to develop Wyetta. Eventually, she wants the company to grow from a full denim line to a larger clothing company to a lifestyle brand, selling “everything from undergarments to wedding dresses,” Perry said. “I am in a unique position to provide knowledge and training, because of my background and my passion for the space. I really want to serve this community.”

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