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Travel as you learn

Get the most out of your degree with a Learning Abroad Exchange Program.

Alex Carpentieri is a Learning Abroad all-star. He’s pursuing his second bachelor’s degree at the U in computer science, and has already participated in three (yes, three) Learning Abroad programs since enrolling at the U in 2018.

“If I could go back to my very first day of college, I would apply for Learning Abroad to get as much of my degree as I could!”

—Alex Carpentieri


Despite the prevalence of myths about learning abroad—“it is too expensive” or “you need to know a language”—Carpentieri shows us that if a transformative international experience is something you want, you can make it happen (and Learning Abroad is here to help).

For example, if you are an engineering major, you have probably heard that “there aren’t many options for you.” We are here to tell you that participating in a Learning Abroad program is not only possible for engineering majors but also totally worth it. Yes, it does require careful planning, consultation with your academic advisor and working with your learning abroad coordinator. However, take it from Carpentieri, you won’t regret it.

At Yonsei University in South Korea, Carpentieri took computer science courses that counted towards his degree requirements. Like many of our exchange partner universities, Yonsei offers coursework in English so even if you are not proficient in the local language you can still take major-related coursework.

Each learning abroad program Carpentieri participated in added a new perspective to his academic interests and helped him fulfill personal goals. He recommends applying early, reviewing the exchange institution curriculum carefully and traveling as much as you can because it is easy for an exchange student.

Yonsei University is not the only high-quality exchange program with opportunities for engineering students. The U has several direct partnerships including with the University of Aberdeen, Swansea University and National Taiwan University. In addition to exchange programs, engineering majors can incorporate an international experience into their degree by studying on an affiliate program or at the Utah Asia Campus. Civil engineering is currently offered at the UAC and computer engineering and electrical engineering will soon be available.

To find out more information about Yonsei University and other exchange programs, check out the First Steps section of the Learning Abroad website.