Celebrating Latinx heritage

"We need to celebrate each other, celebrate ourselves and celebrate our campus diversity as a community."
red rectangle graphic with white text inside that reads "Intersect Times Twelve, Latinx"
IntersectX12 (Intersect times twelve)

Nationally, Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated Sept. 15-Oct.15. Alternatively, at the U, "Latinx celebration" is a way to recognize the intersecting identities that exist within the Latinx/Hispanic community and an opportunity to showcase cultures, experiences and stories from the community. Learn more about his year's theme, Celebrate/é, in the video below.

If your school, college or department has a Latinx Celebration Month event in the works, submit your information through this form. These events will be compiled into one calendar and assist with cohesive outreach efforts across the entire U system. For any questions, please contact Xris Macias at xris.macias@utah.edu.

Please keep in mind that Latinx programming should not be limited to these dates. We must strive to honor, celebrate and engage with our Latinx community every day, 12 months a year. We encourage everyone to use the LatinxX12 mark on their event promotion to honor individuals’ intersecting identities not only during nationally recognized months year-round in recognition of the work being done to create inclusive spaces where everyone feels they belong.


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