WellU options and deadlines

Departments are encouraged to create department challenges which can provide employees with WellU credit.

Because of the recent COVID-19 outbreak and earthquake, UHRM will extend the deadlines by at least two months for completion of WellU requirements to receive the discount next plan year.

Departments are encouraged to create department challenges which can provide employees with WellU credit, as well as provide some fun, social interaction for department employees.  Some enjoyable challenges include:

  • Walking Challenge – Add your steps to those of your team members to walk around the world, across the USA, or a loop through Africa. The Wellness and Integrative Health team has a great app for departments to use.
  • Breaking up Sedentary Time Challenge – Find ways to break up sedentary time, whether at home or at the office. Track each activity throughout the day to earn points.
  • Financial Wellbeing Challenge – Get points for financial wellness ‘accomplishments’. Save money by making your coffee and meals at home when you wouldn’t normally, get creative in the ingredients you use and waste less, complete an online budgeting worksheet or meet with a Fidelity or TIAA representative, etc.
  • Mindfulness Challenge – Practice daily awareness and 1-5 minutes of mindfulness each day. The Wellness and Integrative Health team can provide a list of activities and resources.
  • Hydration Challenge – Increase water consumption and track the amount of water participants drink each day.
  • Step Challenge – Increase the number of steps/day (10 000 or going up and down the stairs) using the app through The Wellness and Integrative Health team or through another free app such as FitBit, MyFitnessPal, etc.
  • Exercise Challenge – Get 30 minutes or more of exercise or stretching/yoga 3-4 days per week.
  • Sleep Challenge – Get at least 7 hours of sleep per night.
  • Healthy Eating Challenge – Improve healthy eating habits by tracking calories, veggies eaten, etc.

Assistance with the above challenges from the Wellness and Integrative Health team will be provided without cost to departments (including use of the walking challenge app.). Contact the W&IH team at wellness@utah.edu.

Financial and Investment Concerns

Are you worried about how the market is affecting your retirement savings accounts or how you will cover future financial obligations?  See the UHRM web page at  https://www.hr.utah.edu/benefits/Retirement_COVID.php for helpful tips and information.