Get ready for U Giving Day

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Why I give

The community is coming together to imagine more for the university with its first-ever U Giving Day, May 21-22.

Campus chief advancement officer announced

Heidi Woodbury, vice president for institutional advancement at the U, is pleased to announce that Sarah B. George will join her office as campus chief advancement officer.

Humans of the U: Brooke Abel

“After 11 years of being afraid to eat, I had answers and a plan for my future. I owe it all to University of Utah Health and, most importantly, Dr. Gawron.”

Humans of the U: Noelle Sharp

“Throughout most of my life, I’ve been traveling around the world and living in chaotic-filled cities. After attending the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, I wanted a calmer lifestyle, so, I moved to Salt Lake. While still in school I took a weaving class while getting my degree in fiber material studies, I became fascinated with the history and complexity of weaving, and that eventually led me to starting my own business.”