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Humans of the U: Hollie Morales

“I never fathomed that I’d become a widow at 34, left to raise my four children alone, the oldest 15, the baby 2. Medulloblastoma was supposed to be a pediatric brain tumor, so how could it put a 36-year-old man in the grave in just eight months? It felt like déjà vu. My daddy died from glioblastoma brain cancer when I was 20 …. But I’m not going to tell you a sob story. I started school at 35 determined to make a difference in the world of cancer and this fall, I’ll embark upon my next quest—a Ph.D. in oncological sciences studying brain cancer here at the U. If I am able to make a difference in just one life all the years of studying, sleepless nights and sacrificing a social life will be worth it.”

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“Being surrounded by mountains is not something I was used to, coming from the East Coast. Having the mountains and that sheer open sky opened my eyes, and having access to that kind of nature literally right behind my dormitory at the university was spectacular.”

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“I’m from Gilgit Baltistan, the north of Pakistan. I moved to Islamabad for my undergraduate degree in environmental engineering. After graduation, I wanted to get an education abroad, but due to some financial issues I could not continue my studies further. I got a job but it was not enough for me to live in […]

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