Center for Student Wellness

Health resources for students

Do you know where to go for help on campus?

Five members of the victim-survivor advocacy team flash the U

Here for U

An office on campus is staffed entirely by graduates and current students of the U, and almost all of them are from the same college.

Stopping interpersonal violence before it happens

A new initiative is bringing together students, staff and faculty in an effort to address factors that can lead to sexual violence.

We want to hear from you

Help the U better understand its climate on sexual assault and sexual misconduct by participating in an upcoming survey.

Humans of the U: Brittany Kiyoko Badger

“I did not fully grasp the impact of the injustices that my ancestors experienced until I was in my 20s. I loosely knew my Japanese-Australian grandmother and her family were interned during World War II. I knew she was a single mother, raising three children in post-war Australia and living below the poverty line. I knew my mother experienced racism in her home country. However, as the child of a white-American father and an immigrant, Japanese-Australian mother, I was shielded from much of this while growing up in a middle-class neighborhood.”

Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Campus events seek to raise awareness and rejuvenate prevention efforts.


Education Secretary Betsy DeVos spoke about the future of Title IX, the nation’s sex discrimination policy, on Sept. 7. While the U is concerned about the direction of her remarks, it will not elicit any immediate changes.


A letter from President Pershing regarding campus safety.

PICTURE OF HEALTH recognizes the U for food compositing, biodegradable packaging and wellness center with ranking among top 26 healthiest colleges.


The U food pantry recently moved to the Union basement and now accommodates fresh food donations, including donations from the U’s Dining Services, to feed hungry students.