Reflections of drought in literature

This natural disaster has been pervasive throughout history inspiring many to write about its effects on humanity and the environment.

Droughts have been pervasive throughout history inspiring many to write about this natural disaster. Librarian Allyson Mower has recommended these titles (both fiction and nonfiction) that feature themes and settings of droughts and how they affect us.

“Virga & Bone” by Craig Childs

Wonderful essays on life—both past and present—in an arid land.

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“Inland” by Tea Obreht

The uncertainty of access to water really drives this book set in a historical drought in the West.

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“The Dry” by Jane Harper

A very compelling murder mystery that gets intertwined with an exceptional drought taking place in a region in Australia.

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“Ministry for the Future” by Kim Robinson

This cli-fi novel set in the near future opens up with an extreme heatwave and then follows the insidious monster that is climate change to explore the many ways it changes this society.

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“Basin & Range” by John McPhee

Offers helpful and engaging perspective on the natural history of Utah and the Intermountain West.

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