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FanUp turns 1

U fans promote a family-friendly experience, are kind, welcoming and loud supporters of the Utes.


One might wonder how the School of Dentistry and the Marriott Library would be partners. Strange bedfellows you say? Not at all.

Social work in Myanmar

The U is helping fill critical need for social workers in Myanmar.

National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity | Junior League of Salt Lake hosts a Women Helping Women clothing project | Academic Senate recap | Tobacco free listening sessions | $47.5 million gift from Craig H. Neilsen Foundation for new rehabilitation hospital | U holiday cards | U Ski Team honored at annual Ski Affair | Customized holiday gifts by University Print & Mail | Send packages home, please | U Staff Scholarship applications open
A Healthier U
4 stretching myths exposed | Exercise’s return on investment | Migraine symptoms
The Arts and U
UtahPresents is bringing the global theater sensation, “White Rabbit Red Rabbit,” to Kingsbury Hall
Safe & Sound
Learn about the U’s bloodborne pathogen exposure control plan

Sun shining over research park

The University of Utah Research Park will be activating several new solar arrays across three locations.


U researchers find a mineral discovered in Russia in the 1830s holds a key to the next step in ultra-high-speed communications and computing.